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Rachel Joy VanRooyen, Handcrafted Jewellery

Mixed-media Wearable Artwork

Free Shipping Anywhere in Canada!​

Fall/Holiday Collection, 2020

Thanks for visiting my online store! It's a work in progress. I'm learning as I go along. I've noticed that this particular forum wants you to pay using PayPal. If you want to buy something and you don't have a PayPal account, email me at [email protected] and tell me which piece you're interested in. I'll process the payment directly. We can use Mastercard, Visa or e-transfer.

Enjoy Free Shipping Anywhere in Canada!

Pictured here is my signature design. I call them my Treasure Pendants. This one is made of a variety of materials including light-weight dyed and painted wooded shapes, cast bronze, my own lamp-work glass beads, jasper, and shaved shell. I've accented it with my hammered silver wire 'fiddle-heads' and fastened it all together with brass wire. It's strung on a 24" waxed canvas cord. The pendant is removable so you can transfer it to a chain if you want to.

Vineyard Treasure Pendant(vineyardtreas1)

Honey and Bronze Collection

Free Shipping over $30

A Treasure Pendant in lovely warm earth tones. Constructed of light-weight dyed and painted wooden shapes, cast bronze, hammered silver, lamp-work glass, and tigers eye.Brass and silver wire. 6" long and 2" wide. Strung on 24" waxed canvas cord. Pendant is removable. (liontreas3)

Honey Butter and Bronze Treasure Pendant(liontreas4)

Moods of Lake Huron Collection

Free Shipping over $30

Pictured here is my signature design, a Treasure Pendant, in cool shades of blue and grey. It is made up of ​light-weight dyed and painted wooden shapes, hammered silver wire, freshwater shells and my own lamp-work glass beads. It measures about 2" wide and 6" long. It is strung on a 24" canvas cord. The pendant is removable from the cord. (bluetreas5)

Blue Treasure Pendant(bluetreas5)