Rachel Joy VanRooyen, Handcrafted Jewellery

Mixed-media Wearable Artwork

Spring/Summer 2020

Hello Everyone,

Isn’t this shaping up to be the strangest springtime any of us has yet to experience? My goodness! COVID19 has certainly thrown us all a curve! For me it has been one thing compounded onto another.

     As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Stage #3 Hodgkins Lymphoma last October. I have been undergoing Chemotherapy. The good news is that the chemo is working so well that the cancer is now fully in remission. As I write this letter I have two more Chemotherapy sessions to complete in order to wipe out all remaining microscopic traces of cancer. I will not be needing radiation so I will be finished with my treatments by the middle of May. Hooray! (Don’t be shocked the next time you see me. I’m totally bald!)

     In spite of everything, I have still been enjoying time in my studio. The last three days have been vibrantly sunny outside and my season’s colours seem to be reflecting the freshness of spring.

I have been working on a citrusy yellow group paired with varying shades of bright green and teal as well as a group to mirror the moods of Lake Huron in shades of blue, purple and turquoise with accents of sand and silver. I have also put together a bold group in black and tan and I am working on another using melon pink with shell and pearl accents.

     On the flip side is a list of shows I am planning to attend this summer. Naturally, in light of the COVID19 Pandemic, I am aware that the dates might change. So far the events listed are scheduled to proceed as planned. Please check out the ‘Coming Events’ tab listed on my website (www.racheljoyvanrooyenjewellery.com) as the events draw near to confirm that they are still a go. Or, feel free to email me or give me a call. ([email protected], 519-525-5382)

     I will send out a second newsletter, as usual, late in August with a list of my Fall/Winter shows.

I am looking forward to connecting with all of you sometime in 2020. Until then stay safe and stay well!​

Rachel Joy VanRooyen