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Rachel Joy VanRooyen, Handcrafted Jewellery

Mixed-media Wearable Artwork

Me, at work in my studio, making glass beads with an oxygen/propane torch. (Known as Lamp-work, Flame-work or Torch-work)

Me hammering 'Fiddle-heads'.

'Fiddle-heads' in progress. I use them as the stems that I build my earrings on and as accents for various other designs.

A Treasure Pendant, my signature design. This one includes dyed and painted wood, hammered silver fiddle-heads, lamp-work glass beads, natural jasper, natural tiger-eye, 'Tibetan Cast Bronze' beads and brass wire. It is strung on a 24" length of canvas cord. It hangs from a clasp that enables the wearer to remove it and transfer it to a different length of cord or to a gold or silver chain for dressier occassions. This style sells for $45.

Glass rods waiting to be melted in the flame of my torch and spun into glass beads. (Known as Lamp-work, Flame-work, or Torch-work.)

Glass beads, finished cooling in my annealer (bead kiln) and ready to be removed from the mandrels.

Wooden beads and shapes waiting to be dyed and painted.

Beads drying after a coat of paint.

Various semi-precious stones and shells waiting to be incorporated into my designs.

Piety the Cat, photo-bombing my drill press. (Used to drill appropriate sizes of holes in wooden shapes and beads and shells.)